Wednesday, October 11, 2017

I'm back

I haven't gotten on this in a while since I finished my class, but you know i need something to talk to so I stop looking so stupid to people. So within the next few days I'm going to change things on my page. I'm going to use it to develop me, like I used it to develop my language and composition. I have so much to say. No one wants to listen, so it'll happen here.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

F451 Questions

  1. Well, I thought that it had to do with kind of like simplicity or like comfort, because he lives in this dead world with mindless zombies, but that's real. If that makes any sense.
  2. He saw a deer in the brush.
  3. It's ironic because this fire wasn't to destroy or to kill, but to actually keep the men alive. Very different from the fire he is used to.
  4. Granger is an author. His associates are either professors, authors, or literates, so people who understand the importance of knowledge in books. They're the people who memorized the words in the books and are one day, when there's enough of them and the time is right, share it with the rest of the war.
  5. When the hound loses Montag, they find some poor random guy, keep his face out of focus and kill him instead. Rather than let society know that someone got away.
  6. They did what they wanted instead of what of society wanted (lol like Emerson) and by doing that, they could eventually benefit the quality of life for these people.

A step ahead of the hound

  1. Montag sabotaged them. He placed books around there house and then sent in a call to the fire house.
  2. Faber describes the war as a waste of time, something to pass the time. It's a pointless fight that they want because they don't have anything better to do.
  3. It's a small crank T.V. It has a small screen and a crank on the side so that the t.v turns on. I think it works with batteries.
  4. Montag and the hound chase was on T.V. The hound was chasing Montag to the river and the whole town was watching until the hound lost his scent.
  5. Montag had to get to the river to lose his scent before the hound got to him.

The Chase is On

  1. The hound attacked Montag because it was programmed to kill him if he tried to get away from being arrested for having books.
  2. Montag used the flame thrower on the fire truck to defend himself.
  3. Montag realized Beatty wanted to die; he didn't even move he just stood there when Montag grabbed the flame thrower.
  4. Montag went to Faber's house to warn him and to find out what to do next.
  5. Montag was almost ran over by some kids messing around in a car and he wondered if that's how Clarisse was ran over.

Fahrenheit 451 Q's

15 Questions:
  1. In their society, they would rather do away with conflict and anything controversial. They would rather do away with anything to cause feelings and so they burn them. Burning them can get rid of the written words for good.
  2.  I think he pick birds to show that they aren't so lifeless. Maybe like birds, they can somehow get away; fly somewhere else.
  3. Clarisse is actually seeing the world, she takes time to stop and smell the roses. She's happy with her life, while Montag is just going through the motions pretending that everything is alright.
  4. Our technology is a little different, but damn, he did a good job of predicting what life would be like. We have the earbuds and flat screen t.v.'s which is like the "wall to wall". The technology makes the quality of life horrible, they don't even talk to each other. That's how things are now, were an isolated society. Teens walk by each other with earbuds in to ignore the world.
  5. I think it's to show, how Clarisse sort of knocks him out of his go with the flow motion and into reality. As he goes into his reality, he realizes that not only is he unhappy, but so is his wife and maybe others too.
  6. I think by introducing someone like Clarisse who's cheerful and attentive to Montag it made Mildred seem even more horrible.
  7. Fireproof? Hmm, let's see maybe its because the damn FIRE FIGHTERS start the fires. There's no one there to put out a fire, nor do they care if it kills some one. The fire is meant to "clean" not to destroy.
  8. She overdosed on sleeping pills so she needs her stomach pumped. There are two guys sent out with a machine instead of any doctors.
  9. The mechanical hound id like a metal dog that is programmed with the "scent" of a person to find and kill, if they were found with books.
  10. Clarisse is "anti-social" because she doesn't like to talk about the things they talk about. She has a wider few of the world that no one else but her family does, so they think she doesn't like talking.
  11. She lit the match because she was going to go down with the books; the thing she loved instead of living in their crappy society.
  12. They're supposed to be husband and wife, but it's as if they're room mates. They don't share the same bed, don't talk about anything, they don't even have kids.
  13. Beatty heard that Montag wasn't feeling well, but he really had some suspicions about why he wasn't there.
  14. Yes, it does violate the idea that we are all equal, but do we really all want to be equal? We talk about fitting in and also being different. WE need to be treated as equals, as all human, but we should also be treated different because we are. It's a complicated question and idea.
  15. I guess because he has the books? I don't quite understand the connection between feeling fat and books, but I think that's what he meant.

Part 2 Questions:
  1. Mildred is scared that the fire fighters will burn their house down, but Montag is a bit confused and excited. He wants Mildred to understand.
  2. Nothing really, it's like the war is some small outside thing in the world. They honestly don't take to much notice to it, but there is some small sense of underlying fear. It relates to Montag's fear of having his books.
  3. Professor Faber is an old man Montag met one day in the park. He got one of his books from him. He's the guy who is going to help him.
  4. He sort of freaks out. He can't think because the jingle keeps playing and he realizes that they're not letting him think for himself.
  5. He says that books are closable. If you don't want to read it or need a break, CLOSE the book.
  6. The small green metal object is an earpiece. It's a way for Faber to talk to Montag and stay safe.
  7. It shows how there's no type of background to this society, no history. It's just empty, like white noise.
  8. She cried because the poem touched her. For a minute she wasn't just mindless DNA.
  9. He's going to have to burn his house. He has to go to his house because his wife and her friends turned him in.

Friday, April 28, 2017

Eyes Wide Open (Short Story)

 Walking down the street in the rain, people bustling about. You'd never think to look up from the ground that you studiously stare at. Far and few ever do. Let's zoom in a bit shall we? California, what a beautiful place full of opportunities and dreams. A little further; ready? San Francisco, great big, beautiful city.
 Faith looks up in time to see the boy with light brown, messy hair who bumped into her walking away.
 She thinks nothing of it. Out enjoying the rain in her city, nothing could bother her... Until she turned the wrong corner.
 It's like a day dream, the outside of her vision becomes blurry, but she can see them. There are a group of men and women huddled in the alley. There's a man in a business suit.
   Thank God. He'll stop whatever the hell is going on here.
 She starts to turn around to walk out of the alley way when the man in the suit sees her. Suit man saunters over. Faith's vision turns tunnel, focus on him. He's tall, with dirty blond hair, and stormy blue eyes.
  "Hey, honey, you shouldn't be down here it's dangerous." He moves to put an arm on her shoulder.
Umm. No. Maybe he's dangerous too; why else would he be down here?
 Now she's nervous. He grips her shoulder hard. Her heart pounds.
  "I think I can make it out alright, thanks", she says.
 He smirks and mumbles "It's alright, let me help you."
Get Out Now! Walk as fast as you can.
 Except he won't let go. You struggle a little bit. When another man from the group turns his head.  He's a big burly man, with sleeves of tattoos. He sees suit man a limps over.
  Great. I'm so screwed. What if I die???
 The man grabs suit man and pulls him away. He leans down, mumbling something Faith can't hear. He limps back to her to ask if she's okay.
  "Yes, I'm alright. Nothing happened." She's wary of him and he can tell.
  "Anyway, I should go now. I'm late."
She isn't late for anything. She was only walking home. Unlocking her apartment door she mentally screams. Sinking to the floor...
   I could have died. Or worse. Mr. Suit dude seemed like he going to get rid of that shady ass huddle. I didn't think he was PART of it.
 She drags herself up to go to bed. As she sinks in a nd finally gets comfortable, unwanted thoughts begin to creep.
Wow. That suit guy...judged him wrong didn't you? Yet you were scared of the man who only came to help you. Bet you didn't know he's a veteran. That's why he has tattoos, that's why he limps.
 Zooming out. Faith, had faith in the wrong people. She would have known it if she only listened to what her gut was saying, but some people think we live in candy land.

** Alright Preston, I don't know if this is really considered modernist, but I tried. **