Friday, April 28, 2017

Eyes Wide Open (Short Story)

 Walking down the street in the rain, people bustling about. You'd never think to look up from the ground that you studiously stare at. Far and few ever do. Let's zoom in a bit shall we? California, what a beautiful place full of opportunities and dreams. A little further; ready? San Francisco, great big, beautiful city.
 Faith looks up in time to see the boy with light brown, messy hair who bumped into her walking away.
 She thinks nothing of it. Out enjoying the rain in her city, nothing could bother her... Until she turned the wrong corner.
 It's like a day dream, the outside of her vision becomes blurry, but she can see them. There are a group of men and women huddled in the alley. There's a man in a business suit.
   Thank God. He'll stop whatever the hell is going on here.
 She starts to turn around to walk out of the alley way when the man in the suit sees her. Suit man saunters over. Faith's vision turns tunnel, focus on him. He's tall, with dirty blond hair, and stormy blue eyes.
  "Hey, honey, you shouldn't be down here it's dangerous." He moves to put an arm on her shoulder.
Umm. No. Maybe he's dangerous too; why else would he be down here?
 Now she's nervous. He grips her shoulder hard. Her heart pounds.
  "I think I can make it out alright, thanks", she says.
 He smirks and mumbles "It's alright, let me help you."
Get Out Now! Walk as fast as you can.
 Except he won't let go. You struggle a little bit. When another man from the group turns his head.  He's a big burly man, with sleeves of tattoos. He sees suit man a limps over.
  Great. I'm so screwed. What if I die???
 The man grabs suit man and pulls him away. He leans down, mumbling something Faith can't hear. He limps back to her to ask if she's okay.
  "Yes, I'm alright. Nothing happened." She's wary of him and he can tell.
  "Anyway, I should go now. I'm late."
She isn't late for anything. She was only walking home. Unlocking her apartment door she mentally screams. Sinking to the floor...
   I could have died. Or worse. Mr. Suit dude seemed like he going to get rid of that shady ass huddle. I didn't think he was PART of it.
 She drags herself up to go to bed. As she sinks in a nd finally gets comfortable, unwanted thoughts begin to creep.
Wow. That suit guy...judged him wrong didn't you? Yet you were scared of the man who only came to help you. Bet you didn't know he's a veteran. That's why he has tattoos, that's why he limps.
 Zooming out. Faith, had faith in the wrong people. She would have known it if she only listened to what her gut was saying, but some people think we live in candy land.

** Alright Preston, I don't know if this is really considered modernist, but I tried. **

Thursday, April 27, 2017

What I See In Literature

Can We Watch The Movie???

I don't think we have to watch the movie to understand the book, but I think it would help to see the different perspective of the movie. We could see how it was interterprered by the screen written. It's nice to see the way other people look at literature because they may notice things that we never would have. I love talking with Jesse about the books we read because she has a different way of looking at the same thing that I just read.